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FiftyThree’s Pencil iPad Stylus To Get More Artistic With Upcoming iOS 8 Update To Companion App Called “Paper”

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Pencil iPad stylus by FiftyThree will get more artistic with upcoming Surface Pressure feature

Paper, FiftyThree?s drawing app, will receive an update this fall to coincide with the release of the iOS 8. That update is set to revolutionize the function of its popular Pencil iPad stylus, bringing in a feature that will help digital artists and newbie sketchers alike to be more creative.

FiftyThree, a Seattle and New York-based app developer and hardware startup who designed Pencil, revealed the upcoming feature on Tuesday. The company announced that when the iOS 8 is released this fall, they will begin to roll out the new feature to be called Surface Pressure.

Neither the iPad nor the Pencil iPad stylus is equipped with a true pressure sensor. However, Pencil sports an angled and flexible rubber tip, so the more of its surface that touches the screen, the darker or wider the resulting mark will be. To elaborate, the ?texture? and width of your strokes will vary depending on the angle by which you?re holding the stylus ? if you let just its tip press against the screen, a thin line will appear. In contrast, if you hold Pencil at a more horizontal angle so that more of it touches the display, you?ll produce a thicker and more sweeping line.

Pencil iPad stylus

Pencil iPad stylus

You will realize what FiftyThree is trying to come up with if ever you?ve tried to draw using a pencil before. Distinct linear strokes and shading are very different techniques. Whether you?re a seasoned artist or just a hobbyist, you will have to change the pressure and the way you hold the pencil to arrive at a desired mark. You?ll even need to sharpen the pencil?s tip now and then. FiftyThree is obviously trying to emulate that experience with their Pencil iPad stylus.

Pencil?s eraser can also utilize the Surface Pressure feature. Erasing smudges and removing lines is an art form in its own right, so the Pencil iPad stylus will also accommodate that. The same principle applies ? the more of the eraser?s surface you press on the screen, the more marks you?ll erase accordingly.

Pencil iPad stylus - Eraser

Pencil iPad stylus – Eraser

Once the updated Paper app for iOS 8 gets installed, the Surface Pressure feature will automatically be unlocked to all Pencil iPad stylus owners. Apart from the upcoming feature, Pencil has other hallmark features including flip-to-erase, palm rejection, and blend. As Paper is free to download from the App Store, Pencil can be yours for $ 59.95 (Graphite) or $ 74.95 (Walnut) at Amazon or FiftyThree?s online store.

FiftyThree also released a video to showcase the new feature. Watch it here:


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