?Fifty Shades Of Grey? Movie Sequel Is A Parody! ?Fifty Shades Of Black? To Star Marlon Wayans, Plot, And Release Date Revealed!

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The number of shades from ?Fifty Shades of Grey? apparently wasn?t enough to keep Marlon Wayans from creating a new movie. The comedian has made what some may call a ?darker? version of the movie titled ?Fifty Shades of Black.?

Imagine an opposite Christian Grey performing a whole lot worse. ?Like ?Fifty Shades of Grey? if Christian Grey was black and he was rich, but we don?t know exactly how he got his money, he?s a little shady, and he?s a really bad lover,? Wayans shared on Entertainment Weekly.

According to Wayans, making these kinds of movies shouldn?t be called a spoof, so don?t be hasty in judging ?Fifty Shades of Black? as a spoof. ?I don?t look at these movies like spoofs, as much as comedic remixes. I just approach it as its own original movie, with its own plot and its own characters, and just take them through the similar journey,? Wayans said, from Entertainment Weekly. ?I just find the jokes where the dramas didn?t. It?s kind of like what Kanye does to old soul music; I just remix it for this generation, for people that want to see comedians,? he added.

And for those who didn?t have the chance to watch the original movie, you?ll still enjoy what Marlon Wayans will do. In fact, you may even want to watch the real movie after you?ve watched his version.

?It?s not so much, ?Hey, if you didn?t see it, you?re not going to enjoy the movie.? If you?ve seen it you may enjoy certain parts a little bit more, but I?m trying to make this for everybody to enjoy. Everybody who?s ever been in a relationship, or ever had sex, or been in these similar situations ? or not ? they can enjoy it,? Marlon Wayans exclaimed, from Entertainment Weekly.

As well as playing the lead role of ?Fifty Shades of Black,? Marlon Wayans will also be the producer and the writer of the movie. He will play the role of Christian Black, a mysterious entrepreneur with a mysterious personality. Mike Epps, Kali Hawk, Jane Seymour, Affion Crocket, and Fred Willard will also join the cast.

The movie is set to premier on January 29 next year.

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