Fifty Shades Freed Teaser: More Sex Scenes In New Movie, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Admit It’s Awkward

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Fifty Shades Freed Teaser

If Christian and Anastasia’s sex scenes in Fifty Shades Darker weren’t enough for you, you would be glad to know that the last and final installment of the series has a lot more of it in store for its viewers. Franchise stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson confirmed this themselves. While the intimate moments look good on screen, the cast noted in a Fifty Shades Freed teaser that they were, in fact, unsexy to film and that they had to have Dutch courage to do them.

For Johnson, alcohol makes it easier so her pre-game ritual is drinking shots of whiskey and mints before the cameras start rolling. Jamie Dornan, on the other hand, says he crack jokes to lighten the mood. Speaking on The Graham Norton Show about the making of the erotic moments, he said: “There is more sex in the new film and all of us know how awkward sex scenes can be so to make everyone laugh I would make silly noises when I had to climax.”

Indeed, it isn’t fun imitating an intercourse in front of production crew members, holding lighting and sound equipment and hovering just inches away from you. Not to mention, the awkwardness when you do this with a person you’re not close with. Johnson previously said that filming the raunchy X-rated scenes wasn’t exactly easy, but said she has gotten a lot more comfortable because she and Jamie had “become so close.”

According to Dornan, the have got a great sort of love and respect for each other. “We’re great friends and I think that makes it easier, you know? So it’s definitely more comfortable,” he added.

fifty shades freed teaser

Fifty Shades Freed Teaser: Screenshot from Universal Pictures official YouTube page

Nuances of Sex Scenes

Speaking of sex scenes, Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson recently spoke out for the first time about filming the movie’s most iconic one which features the billionaire “punishing” Ana with six painful lashes. According to Taylor-Johnson, the idea “was she would hold a mirror to his darkness and come out with the power.” But it seems like most failed to pick up the nuances.

“That’s like saying I am responsible for people going into the world of S&M,” she told The Sunday Times. “It was a struggle and there were lots of onset tête-à-têtes, with me trying to bat it into the [right] place.”

Regardless, Johnson assured the director created a “very safe protected environment” on set. Although she did not return to film the sequels, the actress said she trusted Taylor-Johnson “completely.”

Now, the franchise is onto its third film, Fifty Shades Freed. Just like the past installments, it is facing criticism of glamorizing domestic abuse. During the premiere of Fifty Shades Darker, EL James, the writer of the novels, pointed out the staggering popularity of the books as evidence that the claims are misjudged.

“I don’t know why they are hanging it on this but if it was any of those things none of these women would be here and be supporting it.”

Fifty Shades Freed premieres on Feb. 10, 2018. Check out the Fifty Shades Freed teaser below:

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