Fifty Shades Darker Movie News: Release Date Moved Further? New Cast Revealed?

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With controversies plaguing the second installment of the widely popular Fifty Shade Of Grey movie franchise, it seems that there?s no real development on whether or not the second movie, Fifty Shades Darker will actually be showing on Valentines of 2017.

First, it was reported that Jamie Doronan, who plays Christian Grey, the smoldering boss/protagonist with a penchant for a little spanking, almost didn?t reprise his role because his wife was apparently getting jealous of Dakota Johnson (who plays the coy and innocent Anastasia Steele).

It didn?t help when news came out that the onscreen romance was actually becoming real. Of course, the actor denied the rumor, but now he is taking his time to make sure he is spending time with his family.

And then somewhere along the line, the film?s original director, Sam Taylor-Johnson bowed out of the movie franchise because of creative differences with author E.L. James, who wanted her husband part of the production.

Fifty Shades Darker Movie News

Now, it seems the production will be further delayed as Dornan is requesting to take some time off after the production of his latest movie, Anthropoid.

So will the movie even push through? There are challenges, specially if the jealousy rumors are true as Fifty Shades Darker is expected to have more explicit, and longer sex scenes.

New cast?

Of course, the good news is that the search for new cast members continue for the movie, and the latest name to pop up is Alexis Bledel who is rumored to play Leila Williams. Williams is Grey?s former submissive in his rather controversial BDSM preference.

According to The Stir, it can be remembered that back in 2013, there was a change.org petition for Bledel to play Steele, a part which was eventually given to Johnson. So now there?s also a very good chance that she will still be part of the movie. Another name being rumored who might play Williams is Paper Towns actress Cara Delevigne.

Another exciting role which people are excited to find out who will be playing is the role of Jake Hyde, Steele?s boss. You know that his role will be a big one after James shared this photo on her personal Twitter account:

At first, everyone thought that role will be played by Man of Steel actor, Henry Cavill. But he eventually disproved the rumors, saying “I?m not in ?Fifty Shades of Grey.? I?m for real. I?m just messing with everyone,? The Mirror?noted.

Another character, Mrs. Robinsons, who taught Grey his first lessons in BDSM, is expected to be a hot role to be coveted, and Julianne Moore is being rumored to play the role. It will be exciting to see Mrs. Robinsons and Steele’s interaction as she is reportedly disappointed because Anastasia is a ‘girlfriend’ and not Grey’s dominant.

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