‘Fifty Shades Darker Movie’ News: Release Date Moved Because Of Jamie Dornan?s Wife, Actor Falling For Dakota Johnson?

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Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to the movie Fifty Shades Of Grey, movie fans would have to wait awhile before they can watch anew the sequel to the highly-successful and highly-sexed adaptation of the E.L. James novel, read by almost all women all over the world.

According to some reports, main star Jamie Dornan had to stop filming to be with his wife, Amelia Warner because the scenes from the new movie is taking a toll on their relationship.

According to Yibada, Jamie Dornan is taking a break from filming the “Fifty Shades Darker” movie. The actor was recently spotted with his wife Amelia Warner and their one-year-old daughter Dulcie taking a quiet stroll before heading to the set of his latest film “Anthropoid.”

In an interview with Variety, Dornan revealed that he is beyond excited to be part of the WWII film. The actor was photograph in Prague, Czech Republic filming scenes for the highly anticipated movie. Dornan was dressed in a suit while trying to dodge Nazi shooters while riding a bicycle.

Fifty Shades Darker Movie News: Dornan falling for Johnson?

It has long been rumored that Dornan is falling in love with co-star Dakota Johnson (Anastasia Steele). After doing several intimate scenes for the erotic film, fans cannot help but notice that there is an undeniable chemistry between the two. Some went on to say that if Dornan was not married to Warner, they held that he and Johnson would be perfect for each other.

In an interview with Belfast Telegraph however, Dornan shared that he has been smitten with his wife since the day he first met her. The actor added that he would not change anything about her, even given the chance.

New characters in the movie

Aside from Dornan and Johnson, other characters are also rumored to joing the cast of the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel according to report from Australia Network News. Several names have come out since the last movie, and according to Movie Pilot, characters like Jack Hyde, the guy known to come in between Christian and Ana?s relationship might appear.

Recent reports show that?Henry Cavill might fit in the role as Jack Hyde. However, the ?Superman? actor shared his regrets and said that?he will not be joining the cast.

?I?m not in ?Fifty Shades of Grey.? I?m for real. I?m just messing with everyone,? The Mirror?noted.

Another character that fans in the next movie is Leila Williams.

?The character of Leila Williams could be totally played up to an almost parodic degree, and that would be great,? said Movie Pilot.

Fans are also excited to see if Mrs. Robinson, the dominatrix who taught Christian everything he knows, will also be in the film, and they are hoping that Julianne Moore will be playing the role.

Movie controversy

Much controversy has been reported about the movie, the first of which is the author?s artistic differences with the previous director, Sam-Taylor Johnson. It is said that James? husband will come in to pen the script for the second movie.

This is probably why instead of 2016, Fifty Shades Darker might show in cinemas on February 2017.


It seems there’s no truth about Dornan’s wife being jealous of Johnson, as The Stir reported that the couple is actually practicing the actor’s lines together. The problem with finding the final director seems to be the real culprit for the delay — so still no concrete plans for the sequel!

Fifty Shades Darker Movie Update:

It seems Jamie Dornan’s wife has all right to be jealous — but not with Dakota! The actor playing Christian Grey, is said to be flaunting his apparent sexiness and flirting with other women during a shoot in Prague.

According to Celebrity Dirty Secrets, the actor was seen flirting with fans.??After posing for a?photo?with one blond, he kissed her on the cheek as she tousled his hair. He asked another girl, ?How do you say you have beautiful eyes? in Czech? We were making bets on who he would go home with. We had no idea he was married!? a source said.

This news has been coming-up regularly on our feed, and we believe this might bring further problems not only for the second Fifty Shades of Grey movie, but his personal life as well.

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