Fifty Shades Darker: Know More About Christian Grey?s Mysterious Ex, Leila Williams

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Bella Heathcote as Leila Williams in Fifty Shades Darker

Fifty Shades Darker is expected to surpass the trilogy?s controversial first installment. This is because the sequel to 2015?s Fifty Shades of Grey will feature the back story of Christian Grey?s mysterious ex, Leila Williams. ?

Bella Heathcote ??????

In the official trailer released earlier this week, it was revealed that the former submissive will be played by rising star Bella Heathcote. The Australian beauty first became popular when she appeared alongside Johnny Depp in the 2012 film Dark Shadows.

Williams is perceived to be threatening and unstable as the former girlfriend of Grey, who will still be played by actor Jamie Doran. Several scenes from the preview showed the 29-year-old actress stalking the male lead?s new girlfriend, Anastasia Steele. However, she just ends up disappearing into thin air.

The blonde stunner?s brunette wig worn throughout the movie gives her an eerie resemblance to lead actress Dakota Johnson. Heathcote?s light skin was also seemingly made even whiter, which made her look like a ghost.

The only differentiating factor between her and Johnson were their eye colors, Daily Mail detailed.

Attracted to dark roles

Prior to Fifty Shades Darker, Heathcote?s most recent movie was the horror film The Neon Demon. She also portrayed a dark role in the said movie as an envious and murderous model named Gigi.


Bella Heathcote

In a previous interview with Screen Slam, the Melbourne native said she is attracted to dark roles and content. ?It’s something about that heightened world,? she said. ?

Back story of Christian Grey

Aside from narrating the mystery behind Grey?s former submissive, Fifty Shades Darker is also expected to unveil more history about the lead character himself.

Fans got excited after a recently released teaser hinted at the back story of a young Christian Grey. In the video, a little boy is seemingly hiding from someone while inside a cabinet. There are also clips of a much older woman, who many believe is the one who taught Grey the ?dominance and submission? concept. Because of this, many have been speculating that the sequel will finally show how Grey ended up becoming the man that he is now.

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