?Fifty Shades Darker? Christian Grey Sex Secret (Theory): The Key To A Woman?s Heart/Lust Is Through Her Stomach!

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So it turns out Christian Grey of Fifty Shades Darker isn?t just a really hot stalker who feels like he should be involved in everything that?s happening in the life of Anastasia Steele, including her diet.

Of course, the heroine from E.L. James? famous novel that hooked millions of women all over the world, seriously had a problem with food (she doesn?t like eating gourmet meals and can be easily distracted by sex), but it turns out Grey had very good reasons to keep on feeding her.

Fifty Shades Darker Christian Grey Sex Secret (Theory)

According to an article from Mic.com, a study conducted by researchers of University of California-San Diego suggest that women with full stomachs are more likely to respond to romantic arousal than women with empty stomachs.

It actually makes you think if this is why Christian Grey insists on feeding Anastasia, according to this article.

“What [the study] does suggest is that our brains respond to different rewards with similar circuitry, and that they interact with each other,” postdoctoral researcher Alice Ely said in the site.

“One class of rewards (food, sex, money) potentially could make other classes of rewards more exciting or pleasant,” she was quoted as saying.

Through the study, Ely asked 20 women to fast for eight hours. After eight hours, they were then showed a series of “neutral” images and romantically-themed images and were placed under brain scans.

Later, the women were given a 500-calorie nutrition supplement drink and were shown the same images again. Ely and colleagues found the satiated women were “more responsive to romantic cues” than they were before they ate.

“Physical discomfort is pretty incompatible with desire,” she noted. After not eating for a long time, we feel uncomfortable and when we overeat, we are uncomfortable. Find the middle ground.”

The story, which first came out in the magazine Appetite, was summarized by Science Daily that Women’s brains respond more to romantic cues on a full stomach than an empty one. The study explored brain circuitry in hungry versus satiated states among women who were past-dieters and those who had never dieted.

So is this the secret to Christian Grey?s sexual prowess? Maybe. It is undeniable that when it comes to pleasures, nothing comes closer to one?s sexual desires than food.

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