Fifty Shades Darker Cast: Dakota Johnson ‘Heartbroken’ From Jamie Dornan Leaving The Franchise? Love Affair Real?

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Rumors about Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson just keep on surfacing. Recent ones suggest that Johnson is ?heartbroken? because Dornan is leaving the Fifty Shades franchise.?

Ever since the rumors about them having an affair started circulating the web, there are speculations that one of them might leave the movie franchise. For the past months, Dornan has been rumored to be the one to take a step away from his role as Christian Grey. It was then strengthened by the news that actor Ian Somerhalder will be taking over the role.

As speculations of Dornan leaving the franchise continue to surface, there are rumors that Johnson is ?heartbroken? about it. There are even rumors that if Dornan would leave, the actress will do the same as well, leaving the production team to look for another actress to work with Somerhalder.

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As a result of these rumors, some fans think that Dornan and Johnson are actually having an affair. These issues started when the two showed an incredible chemistry during the first installment of the Fifty Shades franchise. News months ago even stated that they had to stop their relationship when Dornan?s wife, Amelia Warner, found out about the affair.

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Furthermore, there are claims that Dornan would leave the franchise because Warner asked him to choose between his family or Johnson. Obviously, the actor chose his family, and it resulted to rumors about him being replaced by Somerhalder.

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On a good note, none of these informations were actually verified by both Dornan and Johnson. Even the departure of Dornan from the franchise is not confirmed. Plus, in a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Dornan made a statement that would give the idea that Somerhalder will not be replacing him as Christian Grey.

?That would be really hard for them to do, considering we shot both of the movies,? said Dornan regarding the issue. ?That?s an expensive mistake, I?ll put it that way / But good luck to him – he?ll be great!? added the actor.

As of now, Dornan will still be the one to play the role of Christian Grey in the upcoming movie Fifty Shades Darker. However, in the third installment, it is not yet clear whether or not he and Johnson will be reprising their roles. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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