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FIFA 18 On Nintendo Switch Simply Titled “EA Sports FIFA”, Worries Fans

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EA Sports FIFA is worrying fans. [Image from EA Origin]

FIFA 18 is an upcoming football/soccer game plenty of sports fans are looking forward to when it comes out. Nintendo fans also felt some of that excitement when a port of the game was announced for the Nintendo Switch. The key word however is “felt,” as the Switch title has gone through an odd name change: EA Sports FIFA.

Nintendo lists that name for the game in their website, which is worrying fans that own the new console. As of this writing, nobody knows why the game was given a different name for the Nintendo Switch, hence worried fans. Speculation about the name change has made many believe that this could be an inferior port of the sports simulator.

Protecting the Name

Considering how popular the football/soccer series is, it’s odd to see EA use a name that isn’t FIFA 18. If the Switch version is an inferior port, this could be a way to protect the series’ from bad publicity. This is assuming that it’s bad of course, since the game could end up being good when it comes out.

Still, the name EA Sports FIFA is a bit troubling, since it implies that it’s not part of the series. Only time will tell why EA decided to do this, so fans will have to wait for reviews and previews. EA will need to start explaining the name change soon, since it’s making Nintendo fans anxious about the port.

A New Name For A New System?

No one knows why EA isn’t using the FIFA 18 name for the Nintendo Switch, but it might have something to do with branding. Aside from protecting the older series from an inferior port, it could be a way to lure in newer fans without dating it. It’s an odd move for sure, but a new name could be enough to get some new faces to buy an older game.

Honestly, it’s better than assuming that the Nintendo Switch version is a bad game, since nobody likes bad games. The Nintendo Switch is still pretty new after all, and bad ports will make fans have negative feelings about the system. Nintendo fans can only hope that EA has something up their sleeve for this game, since the name change is pretty jarring.

FIFA 18 doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will likely come out sometime in September. It’s not clear if EA Sports FIFA will also have a similar release window.

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