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FIFA 17 Web App: Features, Release Date and Restriction

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Much like NBA 2K17, FIFA 17 Web App is also available for the soccer fans. Of course, developers couldn?t just release the game by itself. They have to release a mobile app that corresponds to the game too.

What is FIFA 17 Web App?

Even if the players are far away from their consoles or computer. It will feel like they haven?t moved an inch. That?s exactly how the FIFA 17 web app works, to stay connected.

If the players are not around their computer or console. The web app will let the players customize and tweak their FIFA Teams. The players can also gain coins, given they have traded wisely.

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The players will also have the chance of opening up a reward packs. That?s if they?re a returning player of the game. The players can also create a squad.

That will be ready to be played by the time most players are playing the game for the first time. The only thing that the FIFA 17 web app couldn?t do, is to play the actual game. Just about a year ago, EA also released a web app for FIFA 16.


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There are reports that the FIFA 17 Web App are being launched today. It is more than a week before the actual release of the game. The Web App reportedly requires a security code for the returning players.

EA Sports Login Required

The EA sports login requires a security code before they can get access. Which will be sent to the mobile number or email of the players. However, FIFA 17 Web App isn?t for everyone for today.

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Restriction of Access

Some of the players have received a message. The message states that they do not have the early access to the Ultimate Team Tool. The message also says that they are not invited to participate in early start of Web App.

The FIFA 17 Web App is launching tonight. Hopefully, most of the players are able to log in their accounts by the time of the release.

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