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FIFA 17 Vs PES 2017: Fresh Career Mode Or Solid Soccer Gameplay?

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FIFA 17 vs PES 17. EA vs Konami. This is something soccer fans have been arguing about lately. On one hand, one of these titles has a great career mode. However, the other game has better gameplay. Are any of them better than the other? It’s time to find out, though it’s really up to the player.

Sure, fans can point out which game looks better. Of course, graphics aren’t everything. Just ask King of Fighters 14. At their core, both games will satisfy the soccer/real-football experience that fans of the sport love. Which one does it better though? What has better gameplay? It’s time to find out.


EA’s soccer game has been around for years. It’s actually kind of amusing how the company does American football with Madden and British football with FIFA. This game comes out next week and has got plenty of fans excited. FIFA games have always been of good quality, and this year’s title will likely do the same.

For years, FIFA 17 has beaten PES 17 in terms of sales. Sales aren’t everything though, as PES 17 has received numerous high scores. Will the latest FIFA game do better than PES? EA can hope so, though their brand does mean it will immediately do well in sales. Career mode might help as well, since EA has built it up for quite some bit as the Journey brings an engaging story mode.

PES 17

Despite coming from controversial company Konami, PES 17 has received plenty of positive reviews due to its solid gameplay. Its sales haven’t been too strong, but the reviews have made it a critical darling. It also outsold last year’s PES 2016, according to Express. Not counting digital sales, this could be one of the better sports games of the year.

Graphics Comparison

In terms of graphics,?EA Sport’s soccer game greatly benefited by using Battlefield 1’s frostbite engine as it has great lighting and face models. Meanwhile, PES 2017 is now using Metal Gear Solid 5’s Fox Engine and while some character models look better than the other sports game, PES 2017’s environment looks pale when placed side-by-side with its competitor. You can watch the graphics comparison in Digital Foundry’s video below.

While EA can outsell Konami’s game, they might not match the critical reception. Until more reviews for FIFA 17 are released, it will be hard to compare the two titles. For now, it’s up to the fans of the game. Will they get FIFA 17 or?PES 17? Either way, fans will have a good time with these games. Neither of them are bad and should give fans plenty to like.

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