FIFA 17 Update: New PS4 And Xbox One Patch And Release Date Revealed By EA

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FIFA 17 Update

The new FIFA 17 update on PC is live now and PS4 and Xbox One players will receive it next week. Developer EA Sports has shared the patch notes for the latest update. According to the details, the latest update brings changes and improvements in visual presentation, Pro Club, The Journey,?and FUT.

In the official FIFA 17 update patch notes, EA Sports confirmed that it will update the character faces to enhance character likeness. The developers will also make some overlay adjustments and address the frame-rate issues that occur during the pre-match skill game. Some players have been facing the problem with the kit, as the selected kit wasn?t being used in the game. There?s one more change coming as the developer says that the Black custom kits won?t clash with the referee kits.

In the Pro Club, the flair trait will be available for all. Those dealing with passive traits while carrying over the data from FIFA 16 will no longer have to face the problem. EA has also balanced the amount of ?skill points given away. The developers have also made some general stability fixes in FUT and other online game modes. Additionally, EA Sports has localized the speech for French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mexican Spanish.

On PC, the latest FIFA 17 update patch is over 1GB in size. The company has not shared the potential file size for consoles.

Fans can expect more FIFA 17 update patches in the future because the patch notes from the developer do not confirm fixes for all the issues players have reported. On the game?s official forum, the discussions on FIFA 17 suggest that the gameplay is not completely fair, and performance-wise, the game is still unstable for many players on PC, Xbox One and PS4. Fans can expect the second patch on consoles sometime next week.

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