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FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Card: How to Get It? Journey Mode Has Sad Ending?

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FIFA 17 The Journey, Alex Hunter is the character that lets players live their story as the rising star of English Premier League. The expectations are high from him as he hails from a family of footballers. The career of Hunter depends of the performance of the player on the pitch and the various decisions that are made while playing the Journey mode.

FIFA 17 The Journey Mode

While playing the Journey Mode, players should be careful in choosing the personality for Hunter as it not only affects his progress as well as outcome of the story. If the player opts for fiery personality for Hunter, he will be quite famous among his fans, but his relationship with his manager will not be cordial.

On the other hand, opting for a cool personality for Hunter can make him a good relationship with his manager but he may not be very popular among his fan. Hence, balancing Hunter?s relationship with his manager and fans is the key.

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It is important to save the game constantly in Journey mode. This comes handy when Hunter is unsuccessful in clearing the exit trial. The coach will tell Hunter to quit the game in such a situation. However, gamers can simply load a previously saved game to succeed in the career.

FIFA 17 Ultimate Team Card

Through the data of the FIFA 17 companion app it has been found that players can unlock Ultimate Team Card for FUT 17 when Hunter completes FIFA 17 The Journey Mode. The mystery card in the FIFA 17 companion app has been revealed by YouTuber MattHDGamer.

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Sad Ending for the FIFA 17 The Journey Mode

The Journey Mode has different endings based on the decision made by the players while playing the game. One of the endings is sad one wherein Hunter is traded after continuous spells of poor performances.

The Journey Mode is not available on FIFA 17 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 because of limitations of these consoles. It means that games who wish to play FIFA 17 The Journey Mode will have to upgrade to PlayStation 4 or Xbox One.

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