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FIFA 17 Story Mode Similar To Marcus Rashford’s Life?

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FIFA 17 Story Mode

Game developers these days are pushing for more realistic gameplay. When it comes to EA Sports? upcoming game, Manchester United player Marcus Rashford feels that the FIFA 17 story mode touches several aspects of his real life. The man who transformed himself from an unknown football lover to England team?s striker says that the upcoming football game highlights some parts of his real life in the form of the fictional character named Alex Hunter.

Rashford told EA Sports that the journey of Alex reminds him of his own days of struggle and how he developed himself to the sport. The game developer revealed a sneak peek of the story mode in FIFA 17. The FIFA 17 story mode is dubbed ?The Journey,? and it showcases Alex Hunter getting a big break in professional football, making his way to Premier League.

“I actually can?t believe how accurate it is, watching Alex, it reminds me of my journey. It definitely reminds me of my experience; when you see Alex go into the manager?s office, you don?t know what he?s going to say or what it?s going to be like, so it brings back memories,? said Rashford to EA Sports.

Rashford shared his thoughts on the fictional character saying that the story is close to his own life journey. The trailer revealed by EA showcases Hunter?s on-and-off field life. The character can be seen meeting the game managers, standing in a dressing room before the match begins. The trailer also features other characters that add more appeal to the upcoming game. The game is scheduled for launch on September 29.

According to Mirror, EA Sports discussed things with Rashford to bring more realism to the upcoming game. The developers consulted the footballer to add a touch of realistic gameplay and characteristics to Alex Hunter. FIFA 17 Creative Director Matt Prior also said that Rashford?s development in years is being mimicked in Alex, and getting insights from Rashford himself is great for the upcoming game.

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