FIFA 17 Ratings: You Might Get Disappointed on How Players are Rated

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FIFA 2017 Player Ratings

EA Sport?s popular soccer video game franchise FIFA 2017 is out now. The FIFA game series? players rating are phenomenal among the avid football fans to determine top world players. However, the EA Sports rating doesn?t necessarily mean the said players are indeed at the top of their game.

In a recent interview with ESPN, EA Sport?s Michael Mueller-Moehring, the man behind the player ratings, elaborated how the rating system in the game works. You would surely be disappointed to learn that ratings are based purely on opinions of people rather than some concrete data.

Mueller-Moehring told ESPN FC that with the FIFA series having a staggering 700 clubs composed of a mesmerizing 18,000 players, it is actually impossible to accurately rate all the players. Mueller-Moehring alone oversees the 5.4 million data points that go into determining the ratings of the 18K players in the game.

Lot of Guesswork Involved

With a rather large number of players in the FIFA Series, ratings of quite a number of players are based on guesswork alone. Mueller-Moehring said that since new players are signed in by clubs all over the world, it is difficult to keep track of every new player.

“There’s always a player from the second division in Switzerland who gets bought on transfer deadline day,” he told ESPN FC, adding ?and all you know about this player is his name, date of birth and his position — and his position may be as precise as, ‘Oh, he’s a midfielder’.?

He said that such players going into the game are extremely difficult to rate.

Ratings Subject to Bias

The EA Sports? rating manager further elaborated that such comparison of an obscure player to the likes of Lionel Messi for his skills, intelligence and character is hard. They in turn start with little guesswork with inputs from his people.

The ?people? make up a 9,000-member network that EA Sports calls its data reviewers. Though the group does include some professional-level scouts and coaches, it consists heavily of people who simply can watch many, many matches on TV and in person. Those data reviewers then provide feedback on players through a secure EA Sports website.

Since the data they provide is from the games they viewed, it can be full of personal bias. The data collected is hence subjective and not reliable enough. However, Moehring explained there was no other way to collect such extensive data as no other data source existed for rating players.

FIFA 17 is scheduled to be released on the 27th of September 2016 in North America and the 29th of September 2016 for the rest of the world.

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The Top 15 Players as rated by FIFA 2017:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo, LW, Real Madrid: 94

2. Lionel Messi, RW, Barcelona: 93

3. Neymar, LW, Barcelona: 92

4. Luis Suarez, ST, Barcelona: 92

5. Manuel Neuer, GK, Bayern Munich: 92

6. Gareth Bale, RW, Real Madrid: 90

7. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, ST, Manchester United: 90

8. Jerome Boateng, CB, Bayern Munich: 90

9. Robert Lewandowski, ST, Bayern Munich: 90

10. David De Gea, GK, Manchester United: 90

11. Sergio Aguero, ST, Manchester City: 89

12. Mesut Ozil, CAM, Arsenal: 89

13. Thibaut Courtois, GK, Chelsea, 89

14. Sergio Ramos, CB, Real Madrid: 89

15. Luka Modric, CM, Real Madrid: 89

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