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FIFA 17 Loses FC Barcelona Fans To PES 2017

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Konami has inked a three-year deal with FC Barcelona for PES 2017. The latest news comes as a shock for EA Sports because the company is bringing FIFA 17 this year, and now it might lose all the FC Barcelona fans to Konami. EA Sports has not made any statement regarding the announcement, but Konami has confirmed the news in a press release.

Fans should take note that the exclusivity deal only covers the Camp Nou stadium. Both games will still have the team and feature all its stars such as Ronaldinho and Rivaldo will be playable. The PES 2017 cover page is also more alluring than ever. Instead of showing a single cover star, the cover page features the team. EA Sports recently unveiled its cover star Marco Reus, and now Konami has made a brilliant change in its cover page for this year.

?We are delighted to have signed this agreement with KONAMI, who is now an official Premium Partner of the Club,? said FC Barcelona Vice President of Marketing and Communications Manel Arroyo.

The news has started discussion among fans and critics as well. According to the details shared by FC Barcelona and Konami, PES 2017 will feature all the characteristics of the team including their attacking style. The Club anthem will also be included in the game.

According to Konami, it will use advanced ?3D photo-scanning techniques? to bring more realism to the game. It will use the FOX Engine, the engine that powered Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. EA Sports, on the other hand, has already proved that its upcoming FIFA 17 will feature realistic visuals and motion graphics as it will be powered by the Frostbite Engine.

PES 2017 will include many historic Barcelona kits and they will be reproduced in the game. This is certainly a disappointment for many FC Barcelona fans who have been waiting for the FIFA 17 release. Now it would be interesting to see what players will choose when the two games hit the shelves.

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