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FIFA 17 The Journey: Why You Should Finish The New Story Mode

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Players should complete aim to finish their?FIFA 17 The Journey story mode because there are excellent rewards upon completing it. The story mode takes a little under 20 hours to complete. If you invest this much time into the game and finish the story mode, you get Five FUT rewards. The most interesting thing is that you get Alex Hunter as a playable character with no time limit.

FIFA 17 The Journey lasts for a single season. Regarding the FUT rewards you get by completing this story mode, you get some gold loan players. EA will also let you keep Alex Hunter as a playable character permanently. Hunter can be kept in the FIFA 17 Ultimate Team squad, a report by Gamesradar confirmed.

Players are surprised to know that FIFA 17 The Journey features a massive gameplay. Playing a story mode that has more than 16 hours of gameplay content is absolutely a great treat. When compared?with other titles that has a story mode, fans believe this year’s story mode alone has enough content to warrant a purchase.

Not The Full Game

There is one more thing about the FIFA 17 The Journey players should know. Those who are playing the game through EA Access will not be able to finish the story mode before the official worldwide launch. Upon reaching a certain point in the mode, players will be restricted access and they will be asked?to purchase the full game. Obviously, the entire story mode cannot be given away for free.?

Regarding the restrictions on FIFA 17 The Journey store mode content, players suggest that EA has made false advertising by calling it full game in EA Access. Though EA Access is meant for giving early access of the content, players think that EA should not restrict those its users as they have given full amount for the service.?

EA Sports will release the game on September 27 for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.?

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