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FIFA 17 FUT: Team Chemistry And Player Chemistry In Ultimate Team Detailed By EA Sports

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EA Sports will bring FIFA 17 next week, and the company has shared the way player chemistry works in the FIFA Ultimate Team. The player chemistry in FUT is applicable to the players at the beginning of the game. EA Sports said that?these elements are controlled by players? individual and team chemistry.

EA Sports has detailed the FIFA 17 FUT in a way that players can easily understand the chemistry. If a player is in the first eleven, his individual player chemistry will govern the 75 percent of the elements, while the team chemistry will control only the remaining 25 percent.

On the other hand, if a player is joining the match as a substitute, his individual chemistry will control only the 25 percent elements, as the team chemistry will take up the rest, which is 75 percent. EA revealed that players who join as substitutes will be eligible to receive the benefits of being in a team with high chemistry, but it won?t affect their individual player chemistry in any way.

To help players calculate how their chemistry is being affected, EA has revealed the equation on which it calculates this data. This is one of the major steps in bringing transparency to the game. To know your player?s specific data, you can use this formula:?(Team Chemistry*.25) + ((Player Chemistry*10)*.75)

Additionally, the company has prepared a chart that helps players find the attribute values players will receive in FIFA 17. EA warned players that due to the platform?s processor, some of these data may vary from player to player. ?EA also confirmed that Team Management will not affect the chemistry in any way. The same is applicable on change in positions and formation.

Physical attributes such as acceleration, jumping, agility, marking, reactions and strength will be affected by the player?s stamina, EA wrote on its official blog.

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