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FIFA 17 Career Mode: Mass Effect Andromeda Devs Aid Development

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Fifa 17 The Journey

The developers behind FIFA 17 got some help from an unlikely source in the creation of the game?s new story mode. FIFA producer Garreth Reeder told?PlayStation Access that he and his team sought the aid of Bioware, the famed studio behind Mass Effect and Dragon Age, in making the FIFA 17 career mode.

FIFA 17 Career Mode is a First For the Series

FIFA 17 will be the first time that EA Sports is introducing a full, story-driven career mode complete with cutscenes, player decisions, and a full dialogue wheel, which is probably why they sought the input of Bioware. Previous career modes simply tasked players to take their created character from the minor leagues to the big stage.

In FIFA 17, however, this all changes. The FIFA 17 career mode puts players in the role of Alex Hunter, a young up-and-coming footballer who recently signed to top English Premier League club Manchester United. The story mode trailer revealed during E3 2016 showed off all the highs and lows that players will experience while playing through Alex?s story.

Locker room rivalries, coaching drama, and the pressures of fame and success are just some of the different themes its Story Mode will tackle. Just because you?re playing a preset character doesn?t mean that player decisions won?t be a factor.

In Eurogamer?s hands-on session with the game, they mentioned the many different ways you can develop Alex.

?The Journey includes trait points, which you can spend to upgrade traits such as a power header. You can also spend time in a training mode to improve his stats and shape him as a player, perhaps working on finishing or on passing,? reads the?article.

It?s clear that this is a true RPG experience, translated onto the Football pitch. Hopefully Bioware?s expertise serves FIFA 17 well.

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