10 fun and quirky fidget toys for adults that will help you destress

Increase your productivity with these tinker toys.

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Photo: Apollo Box

10 fun and quirky fidget toys to help you destress and increase your productivity:

  1. Magician Toy
  2. Spoof Zombie Decompression Toy
  3. Hand Press Toy
  4. Cute Stress Reliever Pen
  5. Egg-Laying Chicken Keychain
  6. Puzzle Top
  7. Metal Fidget Cube
  8. Solid Roly Poly Toy
  9. Pineapple Squeeze Toy
  10. Cube Puzzle Spinner

Boredom, nervousness, and anxiety may take away your focus and concentration and lead to less productivity and unwanted habits such as leg shaking, nail-biting, skin picking, and checking your phone too often. Free yourself from these unproductive activities with fidget toys from Apollo Box!

Fidget toys are specifically designed to help you refocus your energy on what’s important and relieve you from stress from your overwhelming work and responsibilities. Here are some of our favorite fun and quirky tinker toys to brighten up your day:

Magician Toy

Photo: Apollo Box

This Magician Toy allows you to play with magnets in a fun and creative way. The aviation-grade magnetofluid inside the tube (which reminds us of Venom, by the way) performs a few “tricks” when exposed to magnets.

Spoof Zombie Decompression Toy

Photo: Apollo Box

This Spoof Zombie Decompression Toy is a fun way to de-stress and relax. Made from soft and eco-friendly materials, you can squeeze this toy to make the zombie’s eyes pop out. It can help relieve tension and stress by transferring it to the zombie. Lol!

Hand Press Toy

Photo: Apollo Box

This Hand Press Toy is a fun toy to tinker with when you’re bored out of your mind. Crafted with small plastic pins in a rectangular frame, you can create your own designs by pushing them with your fingers or even your entire hand.

Cute Stress Reliever Pen

Photo: Apollo Box

This Cute Stress Reliever Pen is a multifunctional essential. The instructions for use are quite simple: use it as a pen and squeeze it when the day gets a little bit too intense. You can choose from four super cute styles or collect them all so you’ll always have one wherever you go.

Egg-Laying Chicken Keychain

Photo: Apollo Box

This Egg-Laying Chicken Keychain is a squishy fidget toy that you can use anytime and anywhere. Aside from keeping your keys together, it is sure to brighten up your day as this chicken lays out an egg when squeezed.

Puzzle Top

Photo: Apollo Box

This Puzzle Top Toy will keep your hands busy while keeping you entertained! This holographic toy is fascinating and also makes a tasteful decoration when not in use.

Metal Fidget Cube

Photo: Apollo Box

This Metal Fidget Cube is connected by hinges that allow you to fold the cubes over and over into six different forms. The sleek design also makes it a great accessory on your office table.

Solid Roly Poly Toy

Photo: Apollo Box

This Solid Roly Poly Toy is an adorable wooden fidget toy made from black walnut and beechwood. It’s a cute resilient chick that can bravely stand up after each fall. With its heavy bottom, the toy comes back up when you tip it over.

Pineapple Squeeze Toy

Photo: Apollo Box

This Pineapply Squeeze Toy is perfect for those who love glitters and sparkles! Available in four fun colors (pink, blue, green, and purple), this squishy toy is like a glitter bomb that reveals even more glitters when squeezed.

Cube Puzzle Spinner

Photo: Apollo Box

This Cube Puzzle Spinner is a fidget spinner inside a cube puzzle. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket so you can easily take it out for a spin whenever you feel the need to.