Fiat Chrysler Portal: The Vehicle Of The Future Has Arrived

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Fiat Chrysler Portal

Portal is an electric-powered vehicle that will adjust to the ?millennial lifestyle.? The new concept car from Fiat Chrysler also seems to be focused on making vehicles capable of expanding into a mobile living space.

As of the moment, FCA was already able to develop the Fiat Chrysler Portal to a Level 3 semi-autonomy standard. With Panasonic, Adient, and Samsung as the company?s key suppliers, Fiat Chrysler opts to develop the concept car to eventually become fully autonomous.

It was also confirmed that the concept car contains the hardware needed to upgrade the Portal capable of Level 4 self-driving options.

Fiat Chrysler Portal Features

Besides the concept car?s capability to transform from a vehicle into a living quarter, the Portal is also designed to be an environmental-friendly car.

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As per Tech Crunch, there were no animals harmed in the making of its leather interior. The interiors were purely made out of synthetic materials. Chrysler?s concept car also includes a removable seating feature, to become more flexible in terms of realigning the interiors.

Fiat Chrysler Portal

The Fiat Chrysler Portal is also capable of running over 250 miles from its battery supply. Furthermore, the concept car is reportedly able to go 150 miles after being charged for 20 minutes. And this was made possible with its DC Fast Charge technology.

Other Features of the Concept Car

For a more fun feature, Fiat Chrysler placed docking stations for smartphones and even tablets. This design was incorporated so that future Portal owners can upgrade the vehicle into an entertainment system extension.

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Its key features also include voice printing and facial recognition, to set the car?s features according to the input profile of its drivers. The Portal also has a lighting system that can be adjusted according to the preference of the user.

There?s a long list of interesting features of the Fiat Chrysler Portal, and the concept continues to develop. Chrysler?s concept car will definitely set a standard to the definition of future vehicles.

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