FFXIII Rumored To Be Announced At TGS Next Week For Xbox 360 Japan

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I’ve received a few rumors from unknown tipsters on the interwebs that Microsoft will be making an announcement at TGS regarding the availability of FFXIII in Japan for the Xbox 360.

Rumor #1: One rumor is that the Asian version of the game will work on all Asian regions, including Japan. It is also rumored that there will be no Japanese language version of the Asian game, but there will be Japanese subtitles.

Rumor #2: The second rumor that I received is that Microsoft is paying for a full Japanese port of the game to be launched in Japan with the Playstation 3 version.

Again, these are just rumors. I get bullshit tips every week. Take these with a grain of salt and hope that at least one of these comes true for the sake of 360 gamers in Japan.

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