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Well hello there Bit Baggers. Today I found something pretty cool. No cancer hasn’t been cured, but there is something that should take your mind off it for a bit. As you may or may not know the dubbed “Fermi Cards” are Nvidia’s new and first line of DX11 GPU’s. Yesterday they received a name, and today I’m here to share that name. The new name of the cards will be…..(drum roll please)…….GTX 470 and GTX 480 respectively. So if you’re into PC’s, and you had intention on buying one of those cards, be on the lookout for that name. Unfortunately? there is no price point or release window at this point. This is something that I would’ve liked to know, more so than just a name. When I know, you’ll know. It is yet to be seen if the cards will live up to their name, or is just a slick marketing scheme. But from what I’ve seen I am sure they will.

On a side note I really wished they would’ve just kept the Fermi name. To me that sounded a lot cooler. Like Fermi 70 & 80. Kinda just rolled off the tongue you know? Well I guess that might have exacerbated the public a bit.

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