Female Wolverine To Make Debut Soon! Know The Hero Who?s Replacing Logan In The Marvel Comic World

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Marvel just announced a brand new female Wolverine to take Logan?s place. The new hero will make her debut as part of the company?s ?All-New, All-Different Marvel? universe. Comic character, Laura Kinner, also known as X-23, will take on the role of the new Wolverine after Logan was apparently killed in the comics just last year, according to the Inquisitr.

?Logan may have fallen, but Laura will honor his memory by taking up the mantle and following in his footsteps as a hero,? Marvel said in a statement from Entertainment Weekly. ?And she?ll stop at nothing to protect those around her from the forces of evil.?

Marvel executive editor Tom Brevoort previously shared at San Diego Comic-Con this year how they should take a different path to a greater diversity, according to Tech Times. ?Really, and we mean this genuinely, it?s only the beginning,? he said. ?We talked about the need for greater diversity in our cast and in our writers all the time. We don?t want to just throw stuff out there, so it takes a certain amount of time to make things happen. But this is only the beginning.?

Marvel previously made a surprising move when they created a female version of Thor and handed the title of Ms. Marvel to a 14-year-old Muslim girl, according to Tech Times. ?I thought they were going to need an intern to open all the hate mail,? Marvel director of content and character development Sana Amanat said in an interview with Time. ?Now I have people you would least expect ? like this giant, blonde, bearded guy I met in Denver ? telling me how they connect to Ms. Marvel because they were made fun of in school for being different?

All-New Wolverine No. 1, written by Tom Taylor with artwork by David Lopez, releases in November.

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