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Feed your tiny favorites the safe and ergonomic way using this baby food ziplock storage

It fits in your toddler’s hands and most cup holders, so it’s pretty convenient

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One of the things parents of little kids look forward to is to see them eat on their own. And with that, they’d try to leave food containers and plastics on those tiny hands without realizing the harm they’ll cause to the kids. If you’re one of these parents, it’s about time you take your kid off using these materials. Here’s one thing to help you out.

Grab your toddler’s favorite snack! Use ZipTop baby food containers for healthy feeding!

More often, we feel invested in plastic containers. But little do we know that the substances these kitchenwares contain can harm kids in any way possible. Now, with ZipTop, you can bid goodbye to these toxic materials as this product aims to keep your baby’s food safe and fresh. Whether they’ll finish their snack or not, it’s okay because this food pocket comes with a ziplock finish.

What makes this unique?
Other than being a safe method of feeding kids, ZipTop is also a toddler-friendly container. It features an ergonomic ear design, helping your kids unpack whatever food is inside it. Also, it uses 100% silicone, keeping your kid away from exposure to plastic and toxic chemical spill-out. With these, you can be more confident leaving your kid to indulge in his favorite snack.

Why should I have this product?
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food-grade
  • Freezer safe

Will my kid love this?
Absolutely! This ziplock mini food storage is small enough to fit your baby’s hands and even any cup holder. It also has different animal shapes on the body your kid will surely love. Overall, it’s safe, convenient, and fun to use.


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