Feather dusters are good, but nothing cleans your car better than this handy cleaning tool

Enjoy an efficient cleaning you will never experience with other brands

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A messy car interior is a thorn in your daily driving routine. Even dusty keyboards and sofas aren’t something pleasing to your eyes. The truth is, dust build-up is inevitable. Frequent cleaning and maintenance may suffice the need for professional cleaning utilities but may not be efficient. Thus, you will need something to counter it the most dynamic way.

Are you excited to have it yet? Take Geeklifetime’s wireless car vacuum cleaner and clean your cars even better.

What is Geeklifetime Car Vacuum Cleaner

Coming with an 8000 Pa Strong Suction power, the Geeklifetime Car Vacuum Cleaner can be your ultimate partner in cleaning hard-to-reach areas inside your car and even on your sofa. It features a pure copper motor that supports this tool’s suction power and is not easy to rust. So, other than being handy, this product also guarantees a long lifespan.

What makes it a good pick?

This vacuum cleaner is not like your conventional cleaning tools. On top of its power, it also has a compact design that lets you place the cleaner in your car cup slot or car storage box. A washable filter is also available for disassembling and washable with water. Having this vacuum gun is like rewarding yourself with convenience.

What’s in the package?
  • 8000Pa Vacuum Cleaner
  • Wide suction nozzle
  • Long flat suction nozzle
  • Brush suction nozzle

Where does it work best?

  • Keyboard desk
  • Sofa carpet
  • Bookshelves
  • Car gaps

How long can I use it?

Good news! Geeklifetime’s vacuum now comes with an upgraded 4000mA built-in battery. It features a now safer and larger capacity, enough to sustain your cleaning task. Also, it only takes 3.5 hours to charge this vacuum, so you won’t have to wait until then to use this gun again.


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