?Fear the Walking Dead? Season 2b: Will The Kids Be Alright? Nick, Chris, Alicia, Ofelia Storylines Hinted

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2b will be more intense than ever when it returns this August 21 on AMC. After a not-so-smooth sailing out at sea and the fire at the Mexican casa, we find our group broken apart into smaller groups and on their own.

In the Season 2 mid-season finale, we find the Clark-Manawa family plus Strand and Ofelia in a pretty bad place. They?re torn apart, they destroyed what could have been a safe sanctuary, they lost loved ones, and their relationship with one another seems to be irreparable at this point.

What?s most disquieting is the fact that it?s the kids who are suffering most from everything that happened since Season 1, and especially after the fire at the Baja home in the first half of Season 2. Will the kids be alright when Fear returns? In a featurette released by AMC, Nick, Chris, Alicia, and Ofelia?s storylines were hinted and they will all experience surviving on their own.


As recalled, Nick went off on his own after the fire and walked among the dead. He?s still trying to find himself in this world. Being a heroin addict, he has always been lost even before the zombie outbreak, and walking with and among the dead seems to give him some kind of peace. There was a moment when he just can?t take all the killing anymore and starts to empathize with the dead.


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In the trailer for Season 2b, he finds a community who somewhat shares the similar sentiments. He meets Luciana who, according to NerdcoreMovement, is a badass soldier, and just like Nick, she?s an ?orphan of the apocalypse? by choice. Will Nick feel that he belongs there more than with his family?


Chris has been the most troubled among the teens when Season 2 began as he just lost his mother in the Season 1 finale. He found it hard to grieve for his loss when death surrounds them almost every second. Like any normal teenager, he seeks love and care from his father Travis but he is also busy trying to keep his girlfriend Madison, her family, and everyone safe.



So Chris feels that he doesn?t have a place anymore in this world with his mother gone which led him to become impulsive and violent, and even attempted to kill Madison. He became a danger to others and himself that?s why Travis chose to be with his son and be a father to him again away from the others. Where will Travis and Chris go? Will they be able to fix their relationship and Chris? problem?


Chris and Alicia were close at first as they somehow felt the same about everything that was happening. But everything changed when Alicia saw what Chris tried to do, and even witnessed it twice. Now that Nick went off on his own and Travis is away with Chris, we will see Madison and Alicia grow closer as mother and daughter. Showrunner Dave Erickson said, ?We?ll see a woman who really comes of age and hopefully regains her connection with her mother and steps into more of an adult role.?

Perhaps Alicia will also become more like a sister to Ofelia especially after she lost her father Daniel in the fire. Actress Alycia Debnam Carey also said that her character will be going off on her own for the first time.


Mercedes Mason who plays Ofelia says that when Season 2 returns, her character is ?practically suicidal because she lost everything she has.? We last saw her escaping the fire with Madison, Alicia and Strand, but none of them are family to her and she feels more alone than ever.

She had her own conflicts with her father especially when she found out more about his past, but at least she still had him after losing her mother in Season 1. But now, Daniel is also gone (but not for sure), and she feels more hopeless than ever to be surrounded by death all around her without any family left to guide her. She will probably contemplate more about her purpose now that she?s alone. But surely, Alicia will try to help her and be there for her.

What do you think? Will the kids be alright? See what happens with Nick, Chris, Alicia, Ofelia and the rest of the survivors when Fear the Walking Dead Season 2b returns this August 21 on AMC.

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