?Fear The Walking Dead? Season 2b Trailer Is Better Than TWD Season 7 Trailer?

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The Fear the Walking Dead Season 2b trailer appears to be better than The Walking Dead Season 7 trailer as both debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

The Fear trailer showed a lot of blood and action with the survivors split into smaller groups and on their own. And not only that, they?re in Mexico, which created an entirely different atmosphere for the show. Season 2 was an exciting ride for the zombie spinoff beginning with their sea expedition which later on led them to Mexico from Los Angeles. The spinoff could very well be its own show when Season 2 began with interesting character and plot developments.

As for the mother series, the trailer doesn?t seem too exciting perhaps because of some restrictions. Now, this is the huge downside in that Season 6 cliff-hanger?they can?t show scenes after the bloodbath courtesy of Negan because that will spoil the identity of his victim which fans are still speculating about.
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And so, what they showed in the trailer are flashbacks for each of the characters included in the Lucille death row, and it wasn?t exciting at all. They were old material. It didn?t feel like a trailer to an entirely new season or a teaser to the biggest moment of the TWD comic. We should be extremely horrified at Rick and the survivors? current predicament, but that cliffhanger just swept all emotion under the rug.
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Sorry TWD, no matter how hard we try, we just can?t get over that horrible cliffhanger. Meanwhile, the trailer did show some new scenes from the Kingdom with King Ezekiel, Shiva the tiger, and Carol all perked up again. Negan is in Alexandria, Dwight is threatening some people, and Tara and Heath return.

But as for the main stage somewhere deep in the Georgia woods with Negan, Rick and the others, the spotlight seems to be getting a bit dim. People are walking out of the theater. Will they come back? Well, of course. Even though TWD fans felt betrayed after the Season 6 finale, these fans are still the most loyal fans ever.

In addition, Fear should have gotten a bigger viewership after TWD Season 6, especially that the spinoff is now stepping out of its mother series? shadow. So far, Fear?s Season 2b trailer showed a lot of promise while TWD just felt so drab without new scenes featuring its main cast.

What do you think about the trailers? Are you excited for the return of both shows?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2b airs August 21 while The Walking Dead Season 7 premieres October 23 on AMC. ?

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