?Fear The Walking Dead? Season 2: Will Nick Be Gone For A Long Time Just Like Morgan In Original Series?

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The mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 saw our group of survivors break apart in small groups and on their own after the fire at the Baja mansion.

Travis decided to leave the group temporarily and stay alone with Chris to help his son fix his problems. Madison, Strand, Alicia and Ofelia drove out in a pick-up, Daniel was left at the burning casa and may or may not survive, and Nick decided to go off on his own disguised as one of the dead ones, covering himself in zombie guts once again. Will Nick be gone for a long time just like Morgan in the original series?

According to Fansided, Nick is the ?ultimate wildcard? as the series goes forward. He could be gone for a long time, survive on his own as Morgan did in the mother series. But hopefully he won?t become as insane as Morgan has become. Though, Morgan did have progress at the end of Season 6 in his storyline with Carol. Let?s hope Nick will get his mind straight sooner as Celia kind of brainwashed him into thinking that walkers aren?t really dead.

Meanwhile, there has been friction between Nick and his mother, Madison, again since he started off on his solo missions disguised as a walker. The first time he discovered that walkers won?t touch him if he smells and moves like them, triggered this fascination with the dead; like he was invisible, like he belonged, like he somehow understood them. That?s why he was angry at Madison for not trusting Celia, who believed that the walkers aren?t dead but only different.

It?s almost an addiction again, the adrenaline, the chaos, and yet he finds peace. He was a heroin addict for most of his teenage years and when the apocalypse happened, he felt like he has been living in this chaos for a long time as he told Madison in the season 1 finale, ?That?s the thing. I never knew where I was going. It?s like I?ve been living this for a long time. And now everyone is catching up with me. Strange.?

And now he still wants to continue living that life, moving among the dead. Looks like Nick really needs this time on his own so he can find himself again and hopefully get his mind straight. There?s no rehab in the apocalypse anyway and he needs to help himself if he wants to get back to his family.

The second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns this August on AMC.

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