?Fear The Walking Dead’ Season 2: What’ll Happen in Midseason?

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Walking Dead Season 2
Fear the Walking Dead Season 2

After three months of respite, Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns ?on Sunday night. During the last episode, our disreputable survivors were found in tatters. The Mexican villa that served as their sanctuary was burned by Daniel Salazar. This after he almost went nuts following his run-in with the deadly whacko running the place.

Also towards the end of Season 2 Episode 8, you will see a walled community located in Tijuana. This is a flea market where selling and trading are common.

Now the champions are scattered so expect to see episodes featuring just one or two characters at a time. The “Grotesque” episode is a perfect example of this because you will spend most of the time following Nick attempting to survive the Mexican desert.

Nick will have a couple of deadly encounters. Not exactly the perfect timing because he is severely dehydrated and a dog bit his leg. A lady lunatic suddenly appears with a bat and this run-in will cause him to lose all the food and water he has left! This leads him off deeper into the desert scrounging for whatever he can to survive. He even attempted eating cacti and he threw up like crazy afterwards.

He is also confronted with some idiotic hooligans on the road. The first time he was lucky because he was able to get away. The second time though, he was all covered in blood and had to pretend he was a zombie, trying to roll with the herd. This will show how stupid these gangsters were. They allowed these maniacs to get close enough and feed on them!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 also features several flashbacks showing Nick in rehab with the chick that was featured on the show’s first episode. The gf zombie who was also a junkie!

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