?Fear the Walking Dead? Season 2 Spoilers: Will Chris Be Killed Just Like Shane In TWD?

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The second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 could possibly see the death of Chris Manawa just like how Shane from the original series was killed off.

In the zombie apocalypse, people change, they do things they never knew they were capable of until the world turns to sh*t. Some people become stronger, fiercer, yet still maintain a certain level of humanity, while some totally lose it.

Chris is a perfect example of the latter as we go forward in the second season of the The Walking Dead spinoff. He lost his mother, Liza, in last season?s finale because she was bit and Chris witnessed how his dad, Travis, shot her in the head so she wouldn?t turn. Chris did not understand it at that time. It needed to be done, but all he had was anger towards Travis and the frustration of seeing his dad try to survive this new world with his new family?Madison, Nick and Alicia. He just didn?t know his place anymore.

As recalled, Chris? parents got divorced and Madison is Travis? girlfriend. At the start of the outbreak, Travis wanted to keep both families safe so they stuck together. But Liza died and Chris just lost it. We saw Chris? condition get even worse in Season 2. He was caught sneaking inside Madison and Alicia?s room holding a knife, he killed a guy who wasn?t ?sick? though he told them he was, he watched Madison almost get eaten by a zombie and appeared as if he wanted her to die, and he seems to find some satisfaction in killing the undead monsters.

Because he has become a danger to the group of survivors, Travis made the tough decision to stay away from Madison and the others for a while so he can be a father to his son and just be with him as he struggles with his loss and finding his place in the world and in the group.

Chris? current state usually is what brings a character to his or her end in the original zombie drama. Shane in TWD wanted to kill Rick, his best pal and partner pre-apocalypse days, because he was in love with Rick?s wife, Lorie. ?He thought that Rick was dead and he could finally have Lorie. But Rick is very much alive (and still is in the current series) so Shane attempted to kill him. Good thing Carl saw it and shot Shane himself.

Another example is Lizzie, the little girl who killed her own sister, Mika, in Season 4 because she believed that turning into one of the walkers was just natural. So Carol had no choice but to kill her because she was just too dangerous. ?

Chris in Fear is displaying the signs of an impending death and his father, Travis, might even be the one to kill him. However, we still want to hope that Chris can be better, the spinoff is different from TWD anyway and they might just do something else.

Do you think Chris will be killed off this season? Or will there still be hope for him to change?

Catch the second half of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 as it returns this August on AMC.

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