Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Spoilers: Daniel Lives? Alicia To Become More Mature

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The mid-season finale of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 had a similar ending with its mother series? second season-ender as our main characters also watched a supposedly safe sanctuary burn down before them, forcing them to flee. The only difference in the spinoff is that the group has been scattered in small groups or went off on their own.

Daniel was the one who started the fire at the cellar where the undead were kept, and where Madison left the Mexican abode?s leader, Celia. Madison, Alicia and Ofelia left with Strand on the pick-up truck, Nick chose to go zombie-mode again and walked alone among the dead all covered in zombie guts, and Travis and Chris went off on their own to fix their relationship and Chris? impulsiveness after his mother?s death.

Now, one of the biggest questions we have after the mid-season finale is whether Daniel survived the fire. Showrunner Dave Erickson said in an interview with TV Line, ?My hope is that we will see him resurrected in season 3 in an organic way.? He continues, ?I think there?s more story to tell with that character and also more story to tell in that father/daughter relationship.?

And in a separate interview with EW, Erickson said that not seeing Daniel perish in the fire was intentional because the important thing in the mid-season finale was the impact of losing Daniel on his daughter Ofelia and the group. ?That?s going to spin Ofelia specifically in a new direction for the back half. From my perspective, in terms of the arc of the show, this is not the last we see of Daniel Salazar. He will be done for the season. We won?t be seeing Daniel in the back half, but my hope is we will see the return of Daniel in season 3.?

Meanwhile, we are going to see a character step up in the back half of the season. After a series of wrong decisions in the earlier parts of the season, EPs say that Alicia will become more mature when FTWD returns. Erickson said, as reported by Cinema Blend, ?We?ll see a woman who really comes of age and hopefully regains her connection with her mother and steps into more of an adult role.?

This will be exciting to see as Travis won?t be around when Season 2 returns and Alicia is like the big sister among the teens of the group. We?ve seen her make it through tough situations and while Travis and Chris try to mend their father-son relationship away from the others, Madison and Alicia will likely grow closer as mother and daughter.

Do you think Daniel survived the fire? Do you want to see him return on Season 3? Where will Madison, Alicia and the rest of the group go? Will the boat, Abigail, still be there waiting for them?

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns on August 21 on AMC. Catch more updates on the zombie drama spinoff here on TheBitbag!

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