?Fear The Walking Dead? Season 2: The Group Struggles to Find Home While Nick Finds it Among the Dead

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Nick and Madison, Image via AMC

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 returns this August on AMC with an uncertain future for our survivors. After the fire at the Baja compound, the group will struggle to find a home while Nick finds it among the dead.

In the mid-season finale, the group has been separated into smaller groups and on their own. Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand managed to escape on a pick-up truck, while Nick chose to walk among the dead. Travis decided to spend some time away from the group and stay with Chris to help him with his inner conflicts, while it is still uncertain if Daniel survived the fire.

This will be the first time that our group will be out in the open again in a struggle to survive and the never-ending mission to find a safe place, a home. At the beginning of Season 2, our group had a boat, a luxury yacht even, with supplies and food. Then when everything went south at sea, they found home for a brief time at a beautiful Mexican compound. But now it?s all gone.

In an interview with showrunner Dave Erickson by Entertainment Weekly, he said, ?This is the first time, for all of them, where they have to survive on the land for a time and they have to figure out a way.?

He continued on with saying that we will see how each group and individual survive, especially Nick. ?That?s going to be a crucial step for Nick, especially, when we first return next season,? he said. ?We?re going to see each group, with one exception, struggling to find a place. There are going to be some close calls for everybody.?


First look photo from Episode 8 featuring Nick out on his own, Image via AMC

The lack of a safe place will become the second half?s major obstacle, while for Nick, it will be about his journey with the belief that his place is among the dead. ?Nick has a certain comfort level with the dead and with this world that is foreign and upsetting to Madison,? Erickson says. ?The truth of the matter is, if you actually look at the structure of the first half of the season, despite their best intentions, they do leave chaos in their wake, anytime the family arrives someplace.?

Erickson also notes that the group will also evolve in the apocalypse in a way that they will have ?a better understanding of their place in it now and how to function. They?ve now been through some s? and so they?re going to be better prepared for what?s to come, and that includes Travis, ultimately.?

What do you think will happen to our group of survivors now that they have been broken up? Will Nick continue to roam on his own among the dead? What will happen to Travis and Chris?

Catch the return of Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 on August 21, 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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