?Fear The Walking Dead? Season 2 Episode 12 Spoilers: Nick to Meet Marco Against Alejandro’s Wishes?

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 2
Fear The Walking Dead Season 2

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 is really something fans could look forward to. Right now Nick has decided to take matters in his own hands for the sake of the colony even if founder/leader Alejandro disagrees.

One family has gone missing. Alejandro will not let anyone leave so he ends up in a quarrel with Nick. Nick then goes behind Alejandro’s back to try and meet up with Marco. Luci, the new love of his life, is not in favor of the idea. Nick goes out of the colony where Marco spots him on the rooftop. Obviously, he’s in very big trouble.

Nick OR Alicia?

If you could remember back in Episode 11, Strand and Madison were able to escape the walkers that cornered them by smearing zombie guts all over their bodies. Back in the hotel, during a break from dragging and dispatching the walkiers, Maddie and Alicia had a tear-jerking moment. Madison apologized to her daughter for raising her by herself. Especially when her dad died. Alicia reassured her that her mom had nothing to be sorry for.

The gang is setting themselves up for a potential fall especially now that Madison is exerting all efforts to find her son Nick. She’s going to be tested on where her love really lies especially when her daughter Alicia is with her. After her emotional talk with Alicia, she needs to prove herself and not risk their safety just to reconnect with Nick. According to the official synopsis, one of the residents turn violent and Madison quickly puts things under control.

The community will reconnect with Ofelia soon. She decided to leave her makeshift family for reasons that will be revealed shortly. This will represent her last stab of hope. One of which for her is really an act of defiance for the apocalypse. The show is starting to lay track. They are now introducing elements to steer them towards Season 3. Ofelia’s journey is instrumental in that aspect.

These are spoilers guys, and nothing beats watching the real thing, the whole nine yards! So don’t miss out on Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 12 when it airs on September 18, Sunday 9/8C on AMC.

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