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Fear the Walking Dead Clones The Walking Dead

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Fear the Walking Dead is starting to shape up to be a clone of The Walking Dead

AMC?s newest Walking Dead story, Fear the Walking Dead, came out last year. Fear the Walking Dead was quite an interesting take on the franchise. A lot of people were wondering whether this new spin off series was going to offer anything new to the table that The Walking Dead hasn?t explored yet.

Fear the Walking Dead was set to explore a different side of The Walking Dead universe. The series aimed to show how a modern society breaks apart at the seams, showing how modern day people react to all the chaos brought by political instability and the investable zombie apocalypse. This notion was enforced with scenes of people in panic when the military started stepping into the fray, people finding it hard to believe that zombies are now very real.

We see Rick Grimes and his motley crew of survivors go through each season, becoming hardened living in the zombie apocalypse. Their growth into post-apocalyptic badasses has only made it hard for the audience to empathize with people who are barely fazed to see death and destruction on either corner.




Fear the Walking Dead was set to bring in a breath of fresh air to the franchise by introducing a dimension that we normal everyday people can relate to, if we were brought into the apocalypse. This new take on the franchise would be good. Arguably a good number of older fans are getting tired with The Walking Dead and there have been several instances of ratings dropping already. Ratings may be dropping, but the overall health of the franchise is still good.

The mid-season premiere, however, is putting the direction of this story in question. We see Nick walk a deserted highway towards Tijuana, a clear homage to Rick in The Walking Dead. What made the recent episode unnerving was its uncanny plot point similarities to The Walking Dead. Nick is stuck in a car being attacked by zombies while he was foraging for water. Nick running away from gun wielding psychos.

Seeing Nick getting into these situations feels like you?re watching an episode of Walking dead and swapped out the actors with new ones. The show?s rating has even gone down since the premiere. The mid-season finale didn?t even bring back half of the viewers that the show started off with.

Fear the Walking Dead still has time to distinguish itself further from the Walking Dead. The series has a diverse and interesting cast that the writers can work with and a setting that?s been loved by fans. The Walking Dead had its own formula for success that?s already in a battle against age. Having a copy of the Walking dead isn?t going to keep fans and new audiences wanting for more.

Whether it succeeds or fails to make a name for itself, we?ll need to keep watching the drama unfold for the rest of the season.

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