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?Fear The Walking Dead? Update: Pilot Episode As Exciting As Walking Dead Season 1!

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?Fear? has clearly been redefined by actress Kim Dickens as she prepares for the coming of an apocalyptic event in the series premier of ?Fear the Walking Dead.? The spin-off series from ?The Walking Dead? made its highly anticipated debut on Sunday night giving ?Walking Dead? fans the horror and suspense they need to get through the day. The pilot episode of ?Fear the Walking Dead,? written by ?Walking Dead? creator Robert Kirkman and David Erickson, gave a brilliant introduction to the apocalyptic world of ?the infected,? or maybe best known as flesh-eating zombies.

Kim Dickens as Madison Clark

Actress Kim Dickens, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, had a chance to share her thoughts on the series and the characters apocalyptic future. Dickens was asked by the Journal what was the essential aspect of the ?Fear the Walking Dead? story, ?It?s that universal theme of survival. The reinvention of it ? who are you at the outset of this and who do you become? Where do you change the boundaries of your morals? I think that?s fascinating to explore. The zombies are not fast. Maybe we?re the real enemies,? posted by the Wall Street Journal.

Kim Dickens plays the role of Madison Clarke, a mother who has no clue as to what is about to happen in there lovely city of Los Angeles. ?She?s strong and pragmatic and flawed. Complicated from her past. I like that you see this total warrior come out. A mama bear.?

?What?s going to resonate is that state, that change that happens, when you think you can rely on being protected. Either you know how to protect yourself or the authorities will protect you. When that?s stripped away, [you see] how quickly society can crumble around you. That?s fascinating and is going to be a nice, scary way into the story,? posted by the Wall Street Journal.

Whether it?s Madison Clarke gearing up for the post-apocalyptic world or the feeling when you remembered Rick Grimes waking up to an unknown world, the show is special in its own unique way. Catch ?Fear the Walking Dead? on AMC.

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