[Review] Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9: ?Los Muertos? Disappointing?

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Fear the Walking Dead Season 2

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 should be making noise by now, and getting as much hype (or close to it) as its parent series title, The Walking Dead. But no, it continues to disappoint viewers with its flat storyline and passionless characters. Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9: Los Muertos was a bit tiring to watch.


Nick?s Story

Nick wanders and explore his new community, and finds a little girl crying for her dad. Nick sees the commotion at the gate and sees the little girl?s father hop onto a bus, which is driven through the other side. People starts chanting/praying while the little girl?s father exits the other door and lets the zombies eat him. Nick turns the little girl away so she doesn?t see her father getting devoured.


As Nick and Luci travel outside, Nick asks her about the morning ritual. Luci reveals that those ?near death? sacrifice themselves to protect the living. Nick questions this, to which Luci claims that the pharmacist, Alejandro, survived a zombie bite and it was probably because of faith. Alejandro was also the one who saved Nick.


At the superstore, Luci hands a sack of medicine as a trade for things she can fit in one shopping cart. Luci informs Nick that they only need to get what they came for – water, vitamins, and gauze. Nothing else. As they leave, Nick is tackled by the gang leader for stealing cookies. Because of this, Nick?s hand must be cut off. Nick was able luckily escape this by diagnosing the gang leader?s sick sister. Nick re-negotiates a second cart?of goods and some cookies for some Oxycontin that will help the sick girl. Afterwards, Luci scolds Nick for risking her life and the community?s safety.


Back at the community, Luci sees that the cookies Nick got were for the little girl whose father died. Later on, Nick is summoned by Alejandro. They get into a heated discussion about death and faith and how Alejandro believes that the faithful will survive in the end.


Madison?s Story

Madison and her group have been driving around looking for Nick and Travis. Victor seems to be thinking it?s futile to continue, so he convinces the group to head back to Abigail, only to find it missing.


This is where it gets painful to watch. They pry open a hotel and the group separates. Ofelia and Alicia check the rooms while Victor and Madison hang out in the bar and the two get drunk. Madison gets dramatic and Victor starts playing the out of tune piano. Madison smashes glasses every time she finishes a shot.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 9


Alicia and Ofelia scavenges the rooms and they find out that infected rooms are marked ?Do not disturb?. The two talk about survival and Ofelia is obviously tired of trying to survive. Alicia tries to comfort her but doesn?t get through. (or maybe it?s the acting?)

Alicia showers and afterwards finds Ofelia missing. She yells out to her Mom and Ofelia, and stupidly lures all the Zombies to her. Meanwhile, Victor and Madison get trapped as a horde of Zombies breaks into the hotel bar.


Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 10: Do not Disturb airs on September 4. Hopefully the show gives us more exciting conflicts and characters because as it is right now, it?s hard to see it being successful.

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