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Fear The Walking Dead Episode Recap: No Sign Of Zombie Attack, But Show Still Gripping

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The fourth episode of ?Fear the Walking Dead? made a good job of keeping us hooked on the show without even giving a hint of zombie attack. It just goes to show how ?Fear the Walking Dead? is in another league of its own compared to the original ?Walking Dead? series. Entertainment Weekly was able to talk with showrunner Dave Erickson to talk about the ?Not Fade Away? episode and what they?re expecting from the fans.

Dave Erickson was asked if he was nervous about episode four, considering that there was no single zombie attack. ?No, it didn?t make us nervous. Actually, it was something we talked about quite a bit because there were opportunities, especially in the sequence where Madison goes beyond the fence.

?But really what this episode is about to a large degree is the realization that the National Guard has arrived and that may not necessarily be a good thing,? he said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

?And it was really about trying to create this tension and anxiety centered around the occupation of a neighborhood, and what was that going to mean for Madison and the rest of her family. So no, it was a question of focusing on that element in the story and less on a walker attack necessarily. It didn?t make us nervous. Hopefully it didn?t make the audience nervous.?

All in all, zombie fans should get a huge treat with what Erickson gave in the ?Not Fade Away? episode. If you haven?t watched it yet, we won?t divulge any more events that unfolded in the fourth episode of ?Fear the Walking Dead? so don?t worry. And whether the show will move forward in the right direction or not, it still remains to be seen. For now, let?s congratulate ?Fear the Walking Dead? for an episode well done.

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