Fear The Walking Dead Episode 3 Postponed? What To Expect Next, Spoilers Ahead!

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A prequel to the horror drama The Walking Dead, Fear The Walking Dead which aired last month?has already aired the pilot and the second episode. However, since US will be celebrating Labor?s?day, the new episode of the show won?t be aired. But if you can?t get enough of the show, you can?watch the first two episode as AMC will re-run the premiere and second episode on 6 September.

While you will have to wait till September 13th to watch the third episode, we have some interesting?titbits for the next episode just for you.

The episode 3 of Fear the Walking Dead titled ?The Dog? will revolve around the teacher couple’s?struggle to keep their families safe from the violent riots and the fatal disease that is turning humans?into wrathful animals.

In fact, a report by undeadwalking.com, The Guardian has reviewed the next episode and has?criticized it as well.

Some of the points worth watching out for include:

  • Riots pit the dead against the living in what is the most ?dangerous? scene of the episode
  • Griselda Salazar gets crushed by some scaffolding and is injured
  • A walker neighbor wanders into the open house and tries to help?himself to the family?dog
  • Travis? group meets back up with Madison?s family, where Liza and Madison buddy up
  • Daniel Salazar gets a wicked headshot on a zombie with a shotgun
  • Travis stops Madison from killing a neighbor walker
  • The government tells everyone to stay in their homes, lock the doors, and not let anyone?in.
  • Chris gets punched in the face. ?Not sure by who or why, but the author loved it.

We won?t say much about the episode and will leave it up to the viewers to decide what they think?of it!

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