The Coolest Father’s Day 2017 Gifts That Won’t Break Your Wallet

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Fathers day 2017 gifts

Father’s Day is coming this weekend. It’s that time of the year again to put some thought into that gift you’ll be giving to your old man. Sure, another tie sounds great, but it’s 2017 people, let’s avoid being generic and last-minute, and find some cooler options this time. We don’t want to add another neckwear to his collection he doesn’t really need or even regularly wear, do we?

So, we put our heads together to find some unique items at affordable prices. Whether you’re shopping for your own dad,  husband, in-law, or whoever, here are some great Fathers Day 2017 gift ideas to show that they are the coolest.

A garment bag that doubles as a duffel bag

Fathers day 2017 gifts

Men often need garment bags, especially when traveling with a suit. But they tend to be bulky and inconvenient. Enter this duffel bag that makes it all so much easier. You can store a few clothes flat just like a garment bag with three pockets for toiletries or accessories, then zip it up into the shape of a duffel bag, so you can fill it with more items. Gone are the days of having to pack suits only to see them wrinkle.

The BBQ starter pack

Fathers day 2017 gifts

This Fathers Day 2017 gift will surely be appreciated by any dads. This toolkit includes a chef knife, meat fork, superior-grip tongs, grilling spatula, basting brush and many other grilling essentials you need for your barbecue meal. They’re all stainless steel which makes it very easy to clean up and they’re stored in a nice grill case, making it very handy for camping or impromptu grilling events.

Luchador bottle openers

Fathers day 2017 gifts

Mexican wrestling is awesome, and so are luchadors even if they are just a slightly overweight white male comedian wearing a luchador mask. Drinking beer is too, so combining these will obviously make an awesome gift for the men in your life. These Luchador Bottle Openers are available in red, black or blue, each with a different pose to wrestle your beer bottle into submission.

  • Luchador Bottle Openers, $8, Kikkerland

A Whiskey Set

Fathers day 2017 gifts

A good whiskey deserves a good presentation. Enter this Fathers Day 2017 gift idea. It includes a whiskey decanter and 4 double old-fashioned glasses, all crafted of fine glass material. If you’re game to shell out a few more dollars, why not buy a bottle of Whiskey as well to complete the package? 

  • Fitz and Floyd Linus 5-Piece Whiskey Set, $39.99, Amazon

Scratch Off Travel Map

Fathers day 2017 gifts

A brilliant gift for all globetrotters, this huge map print is made with high-quality silk art paper and scratch-off material, allowing visited destinations all across the world to be scratched off revealing beautifully styled up to date maps underneath.  It doesn’t only make keeping a travel log easier, it also brags where you’ve been without you even having to speak.

High Tech Shaver

Fathers day 2017 gifts

Good for traveling light, this ShaveTech USB-powered razor has most of the functionality of a full-sized electric razor with a size of a smartphone. It can be recharged via a built-in folding dongle that plugs into the USB port of a laptop or tablet. Well, a man’s gotta shave, right?

Darth Vader Silicone Ice Molds

Fathers day 2017 gifts

He may mat not exactly be a father-of-the-year material, but if your dad is a Star Wars geek, this would be the perfect gift for him this Father’s Day. It creates large, long-lasting Star Wars ice cubes good for chilling cocktails and refreshments. It’s easy to use and has two molds each set. If you’re old man’s into hosting events at home, better buy him multiple sets for a party punchbowl.

Expanding Face Towels

Fathers day 2017 gifts

Such a cute tin, but it’s not actually for breath mints. It’s for keeping fresh towels—yes, towels—always within reach. Those little pills in the photo are actually face-freshening cotton towels which expand in water. It’s unique, travel-friendly, and a magical addition to your travel kit. You’ll dad will thank you one day.

  • CB2 Expanding Face Towels, $9 for 20 towels, CB2

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