Fate/Grand Order Character Guide: Understand Its Historical Servants Before You Play The Mobile Game

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Fate/Grand Order
Source: Fate/Grand Order Announcement Trailer video

Delightworks’ Fate/Grand Order English release has long been confirmed for release this coming June 25. Many non-Japanese speaking fans have already braved its Japanese servers just to collect known historical figures in this title. Here’s what you need to know about Fate/Grand Order’s characters.

Anime Historical Figures

Fate/Grand Order is a mobage that allows players (Masters) to collect historical figures (Servants) from various eras of human civilization. The figures range from names of legendary people in epics and myths, important leaders, military men, outlaws and inventors. Each of them have superhuman powers or skills that they use to fight the player’s battles for them.

Gameplay-wise, they’re used as Pokemon to fight time anomalies and other hostile historical figures to secure humanity’s future from extinction. On the other hand, some players collect these characters because they’re illustrated well and beautiful enough. This mobage is one of those games where you collect characters because you want to get strong or just want to feast your eyes with good illustrations.

Epic Proportions

As expected of an anime game, the historical figures are slightly exaggerated in design but are still themed to their historical significance. Inventors have robotic bodies as seen in Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla and Charles Babbage. Knights look good in heavy armor like Mordred, Galahad and Lancelot. Meanwhile, some striking designs can also be seen such as Julius Caesar having a massive girth and Hans Christian Andersen looking to small to for an adult. Even though the Servants look extreme or menacing, all of them look good and it’s difficult to say otherwise.

Not All Men Are Men

Some known male historical figures make an appearance as a woman in this title. The few examples are Oda Nobunaga, Leonardo Da Vinci, Okita Souji, King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot, Nero Claudius, Caesar Augustus Germanicus, Jack The Ripper and Jaguar Man. They’re also biologically women in their forms too. Overall, the gender switches doesn’t have any effects on their powers as most of them are reliable characters to have in parties. New players might get surprised that they’ll see a slender waifu instead of an old man as depicted in history records. In reverse of this rule, Proto Arthur is a male King Arthur which matches his real world gender, though it’s different from the Fate series’ canon King Arthur.

Mobage Woes

Even though collecting these historical figures look fun, Fate/Grand Order is still a mobage. Players will need to grind for their life to collect enough resources to roll for these characters. Getting these historical figures are based on lucky draws and you might spend many miserable days failing to get the characters you want. Players can skip this suffering if and only if they spend enough cash on its microtransaction shop. You still have a few days left to see if it’s worth to spend time and/or money in the English version of this hit Japanese mobile game.

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