‘Fatal Frame V’ and A Brief History of The Series

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Fatal Frame V (Image Credit to TecmoKoei YouTube)
Fatal Frame V (Image Credit to TecmoKoei YouTube)

Fatal Frame, more commonly known as Project Zero in Europe and Zero in Japan, is a unique survival horror game that involves taking pictures of ghosts as the way to combat them. It spans on places like old mansions, forests, temples and small villages that are all inspired from Japanese culture. Fatal Frame V: The Black Haired Shrine Maiden was recently announced to be an exclusive Wii U release, but for newcomers and people who aren?t aware what Fatal Frame is, is the game worth the investment ?for the Wii U? In a long shot, yes. Ultimately, along with other great-looking Wii U exclusives, but we?ll delve a bit deeper on the Fatal Frame series for a little crash course.

Developed by Tecmo, now Tecmo Koei, Fatal Frame already had 4 canon games in the series. The first three, namely, Fatal Frame, Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, and Fatal Frame III were released on PlayStation 2 while some were remade for consoles like Xbox and Wii. The fourth one was released exclusively for Wii and never made it outside Japan and Europe unfortunately.

The original game featured Miku Hinasaki, who went to Himuro Mansion to look for her brother who went missing for over a week. The only thing she found was the Camera Obscura, which is to be used to exorcise evil and wandering spirits. Realizing that she was trapped in the mansion, she ventures forth in seeking her brother and a way out.

This started the trend of the very successful franchise. It was followed by Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly, which came out two years after the 2001 release of the original game. This featured greatly enhanced graphics and added more variety to the gameplay mechanics. It is a story about two twin sisters who got trapped in a mysterious village. Fatal Frame II was re-released on Xbox to feature even more enhanced graphics and added content. Later in 2012, it was again, released for the Wii with a total overhaul, which was intended to make it look more similar to the 4th Fatal Frame game, Fatal Frame IV: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse.

The third game was Fatal Frame III: The Tormented, which featured even better looking graphics (for PlayStation 2). It features the 23-year-old Rei Kurosawa, who ?had recurring nightmares after accidentally taking a photo of her deceased boyfriend, Yuu Asou. The game revisits places from both Fatal Frame 1 and 2, while introducing new haunted places to visit.

The fourth one, Fatal Frame IV: Mask of The Lunar Eclipse, was released only for the Wii and only in Japan and Europe.

The latest upcoming game Fatal Frame V, is going to be made available only on the Wii U, as Nintendo got its hand on the rights to the franchise. Hopefully, it will be released outside Japan at least, as there?s little to no hope of getting it on other consoles like Xbox One or PlayStation 4. This game is set to be released in Japan this coming September 27th and here?s to hoping that the game sees the light of the day in the US.

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