Fast And Furious 8 Updates: Expensive Cars To Be Used In The Film, Revealed!

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Aside from the actors that will be showing up in the movie, the much anticipated film Fast And?Furious 8 will once again be showcasing a slew of awesome cars that are set to be used. And just recently, the production team of the movie finally unveiled the expensive cars that will be used in the forthcoming show.

Haven?t seen it yet? Visit their official Facebook page and watch the cars that will also be starring in the movie. According to reports of Movie News Guide, Universal gives fans a glimpse from the set itself and the happenings behind the camera while filming the franchise movie.

The expensive cars that will be used in Fast And?Furious 8 were even dubbed by Dennis McCarthy, who is the vehicle coordinator of the eighth installment of the film, as automotive Valhalla. According to McCarthy, these are the coolest cars they have ever shown in a scene in the entire franchise history (which is saying a lot!). He even stressed in a report that it is also the most expensive collection they will ever be showcasing

Meanwhile, fans should also expect that the forthcoming movie will still be featuring street racing along with a thrilling storyline of robbery and spying. The production team of the show unveiled these cars as it will bring every car aficionado fan on the edge of his seat upon seeing it.

Rumor has it that the cast members of the movie, along with the crew and staff will also be borrowing different army vehicles such as muscle cars, as well as sports cars. The cars shown in the trailer video were approximately USD17 million all in all, based on the estimated cost of Cinema Blend.

Aside from the said valuable cars, the characters in the movie will also be stepping up their level of acting and is presumed to be even more lovable to the fans. Brian O?Conner is expected to stay strong in the show. Everyone should also look forward to seeing Dwayne Johnson?s Hobbs and Kurt Russell?s Mr. Nobody.

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The film is set to release on big screens on April 4, 2017.

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