?Fast And Furious 8? Release Date Delayed? Vin Diesel No Longer Doing Movie?

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Eager fans of the ?Fast and Furious? franchise will unfortunately have to wait a little more as speculations of the 8th film of the movie series could be delayed. Recent rumors have been surfacing online stating that the ?Fast and Furious 8? release date could be postponed due to main actor Vin Diesel focusing on another big screen film, according to Deadline.


Returning for another ?xXx? action-packed movie is ?Fast and Furious? star Vin Diesel. He recently announced on Social Media that he will be returning to the third ?xXx? franchise and that production will start December this year in the Philippines, posted by Deadline. This would be Vin Diesel?s first return to the franchise since 2002?s original ?xXx? and after 10 years of the movie?s hiatus. His return for another ?xXx? will unfortunately hinder the production of ?Fast and Furious 8.?

According to Deadline, there is still no official announcement for the cast and director of the third franchise, but for extra information that you might be interested in, Rob Cohen directed the first original ?xXx? while Lee Tamahori took the second. Both of the movies were also released by Revolution studios.

?While I was filming ?xXx,? guys on set called me Air Diesel? The time to return has come. Filming starts December in the Philippines.?

While I was filming XXX, guys on set called me Air Diesel… The time to return has come. Filming starts December in the Philippines. #ILiveForThisShit

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As for the rumors of a delayed ?Fast and Furious 8′ release date, there are still no official announcements regarding the upcoming movie. But according to ?Fast and Furious? actor Ludacris, the premier is still slated for next year. ?We start shooting next year, and it comes out April of 2017 so far,? he said in an interview with Access Hollywood, according to Australia Network News. Aside from Vin Diesel and Ludacris returning for the confirmed casts of ?FF8,? Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson will also be returning.

?Fast and Furious 8? is set to roll on the big screen on April 14, 2017.

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