Fast 8 Updates: Jordana Brewster Not Returning; Vin Diesel Wants Paul Walker?s Character Back

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The Fast & Furious cast is not going to be complete for Fast 8 according to reports. A major cast member could not return for the next film. Many fans will be sad to know that it is Jordana Brewster’s character that will not be part of the next chapter in the muscle-cars-and-mayhem series.

Brewster plays the role of Mia Toretto. Reports claim that the filming of Fast 8 is already done. But the unfortunate thing was Brewster was never involved in any scene.

In one of her most recent interviews, Brewster confirmed that so far, she was given no part in Fast 8. The actress revealed that they are done shooting. However, she is not in it so far.

Fans are aware that Brewster?s role is significantly connected to the character of Paul Walker. Mia is his wife and the mother of his child. It can be recalled that during the last film, the team already said their goodbyes to Mia and Bryan. Many believe that Mia and Bryan are gone for good in the Fast & Furious franchise.

Sources claim that Fast 8 is going to move to a different direction. There is a huge chance that Brewster could no longer be part of the action. It looks like Brewster not being part of the next film is essential to give way to other actors that are set to join the cast. It was previously reported that Scott Eastwood, Helen Mirren and Charlize Theron will be part of Fast 8.

Jordana Brewster Could Be Back If…

Other reports claim that there is a chance that Walker’s character will be back in Fast 8. Vin Diesel reportedly wants to have Bryan back. According to reports, Diesel had already talked to Walker?s real-life brother, Caleb, about the chances of having Walker?s character back.

If Bryan will be back, it means Mia would most likely return as well. Brewster said she is not in it ?so far?, which implies that there is a chance that she could be picked to join the film in the last minute. There could be a way for her character and Walker?s role to appear in Fast 8. Fans will figure out if Brewster will be part of the movie or not when Fast 8 hits theatres on April 14, 2017.

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