Farpoint Release Date Locked As Game Goes Gold; PSVR Title Competes With Injustice 2, Akiba’s Beat, And The Surge

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farpoint release date
Farpoint has gone gold. [Image from PlayStation]

Now that the PSVR game has gone gold, it’s safe to assume that the Fairpoint release date is final. It’s one of the more promising VR titles and will make use of the upcoming AIM controller, which should be fun. To celebrate, the developers have released a new story trailer to get players hyped up for the VR exclusive title.

Story-wise, it’s nothing particularly new for the sci-fi genre, but it does look like an atmospheric title with great visuals. The game going gold was documented on the PlayStation Blog, so VR fans can expect good things from the shooter. It will also be bundled with the AIM controller, since it’s one of the few games that uses it.

Shoot To Thrill

Now that the Farpoint release date has been secured, players can get excited for the VR first-person shooter. The AIM controller helps with the VR experience, though some might say it makes the game feel like Time Crisis. A regular controller can be used as well, so anyone with a PlayStation VR can play the game fine.

It will be interesting to see how critics react to this shooter, since it could easily be labeled as gimmicky. Then again, the story does look compelling and the atmosphere could make the shooting feel more intense than it looks. At the least, it looks really fun and anyone with a PSVR can pick up and that’s not bad.

Farpoint? More Like, Nearpoint…

For those wondering, the Farpoint release date will be on May 16, so the game is only a month away. This is great news for VR fans, since they have been interested in the sci-fi shooter for a good while. Visually, it’s stunning and would make any console owner jealous, so this could be one of the better VR games.

However, Farpoint might have to face some competition from other big name games that will be released on May 16. Injustice 2 is slated for May 16 and is one of the most anticipated fighting games of the year. The Dark Souls-esque RPG The Surge will also be coming out that day, along with the quirky JRPG Akiba’s Beat.

VR players will be able to get Farpoint on May 16, so we’re a month away from the shooter coming out. It looks like a fun title and there’s a good chance that players will enjoy playing it on their peripheral.

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