Farmer Wants A Wife Reveals Who Was The Most Hated Bachelor?

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If there?s anything that we should look forward to, it should be the incredible ?country bachelors? of the show: Farmer Wants A Wife. The show allowed the farmers to finally find the right woman for them, but fans may have been misled with some of the contestants, the Daily Mail reported.

One of the ?country bachelors? may have become an antagonist in the show. Here?s a look at what?s happening with some of the farmers, according to News.com.au:

Farmer Wants A Wife: Jules

Mel had nothing but good words for Jules during the show: Farmer Wants A Wife, he was saying that she has never been able to find someone like him. ?Jules is the most proud and adorable person I?ve ever met,? she said, according to News.com.au. ?And I know it sounds cliched but I have never met anyone like him. It feels like we?ve been dating for years and have known each other for years.?

Sadly, there might not have been any happy ending for the two because according to News.com.au, a fan posted on Facebook saying that Jules is single and was already on Tinder.


Jedd was never really comfortable choosing the right one, but choosing Sam may have been the good move for him. ?We?re definitely enjoying each other?s company at the moment so I guess it?s too early to say right now,? Sam told News.com.au.

A fan recently shared that Sam?s cousin posted on Facebook saying how happy he was with Sam and Jed?s relationship so we might be correct in assuming that they?re still together.


Unfortunately, Lance may have one of the most hated contestants in the show after he made his choice. Lance is still looking for the right woman to spend his life with. It was reported that Lance should have chose Lisa in the end, but he was never fully engaged with their relationship.

?It?s only right that a man says how he feels,? Lance told her, according to News.com.au. ?I?ve had a lot of time to think about it, I definitely think a lot of you, but I just think we didn?t have that full connection.

Whatever the future holds for our farmers, there?s always a way to find true love. It will only be a matter of time before they get the happy ending that they want.

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