Fargo Season 2 Premiere Highlights: What The Critics Think About It ? It?s Good!

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A special screening was made for the season two premiere of Fargo, and here are some of the impressions from the media about the episode.

Fargo is a black comedy-crime drama series that had a great start on its first season, and it seems that season two will be much bigger as the premiere for season two has started this week, and so far they have been receiving a lot of praises. Let us check out some of the media on what they have to say about the season premeire.


Many of the performances deserve their own stand-alone appreciations, none more so than Wilson?s as the young Lou, a Vietnam veteran who?s much tougher (due to his wife?s illness as well as his war experience) than anyone on the wrong side of the law expects. It?s a remarkable feat of acting continuity, in that it syncs up perfectly with Carradine?s performance in season one, yet it never feels like Wilson is doing an impression. He?s a young man, and he?s in good shape, but he carries himself like an older, heavier one, as if weighed down by burdens he hasn?t fully acknowledged because he?s not ready yet. You get a sense of a personality, perhaps a soul, in the process of evolving. It deserves to be likened to Robert DeNiro?s work as the young Vito Corleone in The Godfather: Part II. I don?t make that comparison lightly. He?s that good.


What makes Fargo work where, say, True Detective struggled with the same elements is because there isn’t any mystery. From frame one, we watch the story unfold. We see the crime happen. We know who’s at fault, and we have a very good sense of what’s coming. Every new character and situation added to the story is another that stands in the way of the return to the status quo that the characters long for but might never get to.

But they should have realized that by now. Red blood spilled on pure white leaves a stain that won’t be easily removed.

IGN 9.5 out of 10

Fargo: Season 2 improves upon everything that works in Season 1 to deliver a funnier, tighter and stronger new story with a great cast and fantastic crew. The series never takes itself too seriously and isn’t afraid to have a little fun. Oozing with confidence, the Season 2 premiere kicks off what is sure to be a great new year of Fargo.

After a superb first season, Fargo comes back better than ever.

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