Far Cry Primal: Top 5 Reasons Why The Game Is More Enjoyable Without Guns

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Far Cry Primal gameplay would be better without guns and vehicles

When Ubisoft revealed Far Cry Primal, the announcement didn?t please some fans who have been expecting firearms, vehicles and high-tech weapons in the game. According to Ubisoft, Far Cry Primal takes players back to the Stone where the game?s sole survivor Takkar will be on a quest to find his lost tribe. He will be facing massive mammoths, saber tooth tigers, hunters, and other threats on his journey.

The game setting features the Stone Age, and based on the game title alone, fans will have to forget modern weapons while playing Far Cry Primal. Many fans may not be happy with the decision, but without guns, Far Cry Primal can prove to be a really fun game.

Here are five reasons why the absence of guns in Far Cry Primal will prove to be more enjoyable for players:

  1. A whole new world

Shooting enemies is very common in games today. Whether you are killing them with a variety of guns or driving your vehicle over the enemies, using modern weapons has become very common, and you can find it in three out of five games. Far Cry Primal may feature some common aspects of the franchise such as enemy camps and bell towers, but how many fans have encountered a saber tooth tiger or mammoth serving as a vehicle?

  1. Players can make their own weapons

How did the ancestors live their life? How did they survive in the deadly environment? Far Cry Primal gives you a closer look at living in the wilderness. It?s easy to upgrade weapons in other shooter games; all you need to do is spend some collected items or money to upgrade the machines. In Far Cry Primal, finding and creating the right weapons is a challenge itself. Don?t forget to be careful while making your new weapons; you can be under attack within seconds.

Making a bow and arrow, spear or sling in the game is both fun and challenging.

  1. Experience being a real survivor

Being equipped with ultra-modern machinery may not always challenge the player. Shooting someone standing at a distance of 100 meters may not amaze you as much as a mammoth standing at a distance of 30 meters can. With a load of bullets, you can kill the enemy, but what if you are just holding a single spear against the beast or taking someone down with the perfect shot of an arrow? The primitive way of fighting enemies in the game may prove to be more fun.

  1. Unique battle features

The absence of guns and high-tech weapons has been a concern among Far Cry Primal fans. However, the game doesn?t make players feel like something is lacking in the gameplay. In many games, players shoot the enemy and move ahead. Far Cry Primal, on the other hand, offers fun features that allow players to tame animals. Whenever a player sees wild animals attacking the enemy troops, he or she can tame the animals. The players can also set the animals lose on their enemies.

  1. Some animals are more loyal than guns

A feathery companion will always be there with players. The animal will help players attack or hunt enemies. The players will also be able to control the animals.

Far Cry Primal is scheduled to be released on February 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows on March 1, 2016.

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