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Far Cry Primal Review Round Up: New Ubisoft Game Gets Moderate Nod From Gamers

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We take a look at the reviews for Far Cry Primal and see if it was worth the change of settings.

Looks like some people missed out the hype for Ubisoft?s Far Cry Primal, which will be releasing in a short while, well that can be expected as there were a ton of great games that were released this February, from the likes of Street Fighter V and Fire Emblem Fates. But is the newest Far Cry game be better than its predecessors? Some of the game critics had a look at the game and here are what they have to say:

Gamespot 8 out of 10

These abilities are the embodiment of Primal’s strengths. When it uses the Stone Age setting to elevate the combat and reinforce the brutality of nature, it thrives. It fosters a give-and-take relationship with the wilderness, granting you the means to survive, but also the threats you have to overcome. That focus on primitive times can become a hindrance at certain points, with limited tools and repetitive combat, but in the end, Far Cry Primal stays true to its callous setting, fleshing out every layer of the captivating world it creates.

IGN 7.9 out of 10

Far Cry Primal succeeds in transporting the Far Cry formula back in time and comes to the table with a quiver of neat ideas and a dangerous and fascinating open world. The visceral and varied combat is fun, the beast-based gameplay is a winner, and the lure of camp-claiming, gear-crafting, beast hunting, and resource gathering remains irresistible. It?s weakened, however, by a disappointing lack of investment in its story, some often forgettable quests, and its vanilla villains, which unfortunately combine to make Primal feel like a step back from the memorable moments of Far Cry 3 and 4.

Gamesradar 7 out of 10

Primal takes the great structure of the Far Cry series, but little of its character. No clear goal and a limited arsenal end up making this feel a little prehistoric itself.

The result is a game that feels lacking in most respects. It lacks a clear villain, it lacks a deep enough armory, it lacks direction. Far Cry?s set-up is such that you?ll always be able to make your own fun – and, in the moment, it can be a beautiful, violent thing – but for a game in which characters talk constantly about being remembered by history, it?s a sad irony that – unlike their series forebears – they most probably won?t be.

Some felt that Far Cry Primal made a great risk in changing the setting of the game from modern day to prehistoric and still managed to create an enjoyable game, but it lacks that impact that made Far Cry 3 and 4 memorable. So what do you think of Far Cry Primal? Let us know at the comments below.

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